Entrepreneurship, Motherhood

Entrepreneurship and (Mom) Logistics

Ever since I became a mom, time has taken on a quite odd sensation -the mornings blur into afternoons that blur into nights and back again. And just like that, the week has passed and it’s the weekend again!

Time, too, is now counted in blocks of 2-3 hours:

It is the clinically-advised duration of time between each feed (but in reality it could be 4 hours or 30 minutes);

It’s also a leading indicator for how much time I have to grab a bite, whip up a meal, do some household chore or reply mails;

It’s also a good amount of time to buffer for some “get ready time” before you go out, inclusive of the time required to poop, put on some makeup, pump and/or feed, find some undergarments that fit, find some clothes that fit. To shower and change baby, add another hour, because he’d probably want to eat again after the shower lol.

Side advisory: do not throw your pre-pregnancy bras away. Your rib-cage shrinks back – at least mine did – and all my bras are falling off me faster than leaves from a tree in fall 😦

If 2-3 hours have passed with any kind of inactivity – no feeds, no diaper changes, nothing to do – start to be worried, ha ha ha.

In other non-mom news, we attended the awards gala dinner for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneurship of the Year Singapore 2016 last night and it was a thoroughly inspiring affair. After 2 months out of the office and having only a peripheral view of the happenings at Naiise, it was wonderful to be reminded again of the long journey that entrepreneurship is, and how much further we as a company, and as bosses, have to go.

Time to dust off these mushy brains and get back to pushing forward!

The year is not over yet, but I think I’ve already found my three resolutions for 2017. Maybe I can start practising them before the year is out, so they have a higher chance of succeeding 😉

  1. Re-learn driving
  2. Be more active in the community
  3. Mentor my team more

2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurship and (Mom) Logistics

  1. Rosy says:

    Good. I came to know you via Her World magazine – so inspiring! I hope that you do not discriminate against struggling mothers in your workplace. Too many companies in Singapore discriminate and even sideline working mothers, not only for their maternity leave, but also because they request early leave or they are simply unable to make time for certain company events or extra work hours, because that time spent is used to return home to nurse their children. These people struggle to do their best at work and can suffer depression and low work morale and productivity. when both boss and colleagues see them as using a kid as an ‘excuse’. Not everyone are privileged to have a maid or caretaker, and for some, their husbands leave them or died. It’s only when one becomes a mother that one finally understands what its like to juggle a full-time job and being a mother, and have more compassion as a result.

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