Has it really been two years? O_O

So much has happened, mostly amazing, feel-good, too-happy-being-busy, too-busy-living-to-blog kind of things. Highlights being our marriage (yuh! to the same guy I was blogging about being I fell off the blogging cliff lol!), an easy pregnancy that flew by in the twinkling of the eye, and the arrival of our beautiful baby boy Ralph who’s now 7 weeks old.

And wadya know – Naiise now has more than 100 people under our payroll! That’s a fair cry from September 2014 (the date of my last post) when we probably had 5 people surviving on $300 a month. Good times, poor but good 🙂

Being on maternity leave now means more time for myself so maybe I’ll come back to this wonderful space on the Internet which I used to call home. We’ll see how long this sudden burst of writing enthusiasm lasts! Hopefully for a while, because it’s really quite nice to document our beautiful lives in more detail, and with more sincerity – ways that Instagram pictures, Facebook status updates and Instastories cannot.

Funny, I had always envisioned my maternity break to be a never-ending cycle of diaper changes, feeds and baby poo in unwashed hair. I mean it is quite never-ending, but there’s also a lot of time in between and I can still take long baths (so I don’t have unwashed hair), cook a quick meal or two, keep my work email count to less than 100, do the laundry and so on.

The only thing I can’t do so well is leave the house on my own with baby Ralphie (still feeling needy ha ha!) and think deeply about a business issue for more than 10 minutes.

I confess, after years of thinking of myself as a relatively analytical person, my brains have somewhat turned to mush in the course of having this baby.

Well, I’ll see you around 🙂




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