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Three Days to Bali!! + Happy Pictures

TGIF folks!! It’s a rare moment of freshly-showered peace, and I’m just simply, looking forward to a well-deserved break in Bali.

It will be the first vacation I’ve had where being away actually means work piling up. One of the most overlooked luxuries of working in a larger organisation is the assurance that someone capable will cover your duties while you’re away. I am guilty of overlooking that one too, so treasure it if you do! Say thank you very much to your colleagues.

That said, our little team has expanded over the last few weeks, and I’m really happy and thankful that there are more hands, legs and fingers to keep the show running faster, and at a more manageable pace for everyone. I love it too that we are able to find, and work with, people who are passionate about making the business grow and succeed.

This morning was spent looking for offices – it’s probably one of the most exciting things that can ever happen for a company. The exhilaration of contemplating empty spaces and turning it into an amazing place where people can work happily.. is frankly, quite fantasy-inducing.Industrial spaces can be so beautiful with their double, triple volume spaces, I don’t think I can quite adjust back to shoebox apartment hunting.

We had a great past couple weeks with good coverage, and we’re also excited to introduce the launch of our new food section which features locally made food from small-scale makers here. Like the rest of our designers and makers, our food producers do amazing things with produce we already have here, and we love being able to support them on our platform.

I’ve tried the jams and granola so far, and they are very, very good. In fact, I personally swear by a bowl of Greek yogurt and Coconut Gula Melaka granola every morning, and I think I’m losing 500g everyday without even trying to. There must be some wisdom in the old adage “Eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch and a pauper for dinner”. Cf: funny local publication My Mother Says 😉

Plus bonus: and of course it’s the only place you can get my sister’s famous macarons without having to camp on Instagram and wait for one of those SALE posts which close in like an hour -_-”

In non-work news, WE ARE SOOO LOOKING FORWARD TO BALI. All I want to do is lie at the beach and stare out into the open sea, pillion on a bike behind D, head back to our villa and jump into the pool. Maybe find that mysterious taco place in Seminyak that we’ve always wanted to find, but never quite were able to. And, of course, dine at our all-time favourite La Lucciola (so good it doesn’t even have a website).

Happy times lie ahead, and happy pictures for the post below 🙂



Farewell to the beautiful people at NONG


Me and D, shot by the awesome Weekend Cheoks, a lifestyle blog run by Stacey and her two sisters who’ve been very supportive of Naiise x


Then we had another photo shoot and an interview where we were asked the question “So, who wears the pants?” It’s actually pretty nice to have pictures of us taken by someone else! 😛


Then we had the ‘act natural’ picture – I like this lots 🙂


And which self-respecting person these days wouldn’t have a mandatory hipster shot when hanging around in grimy areas? We’re such fun.


Last weekend’s bento picnic with the family, D and Kira. LOVE, DIE HARD LOVE.

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Email from papa

Hi Amanda

For the first time, I’ve seen that you’re deeply in love and you really love Sebs which is good …

And I’m very happy for you since he is quite a decent guy (coming from a strict family) and he has shown respect to your parents.

However, I’m also worried in that how are you and Sebs going to maintain the long distance relationship which is very expensive for him and for you. Have you and him talked about this?

Love Dad

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Breakfast Bit

Dad treated the family to breakfast at jones the grocer this morning. Awesome place especially if you’re into domestic goddessing. Next month I will treat the family to brunch at Saddle Club with my 13th month pay. I’m planning to do heck a lot with my 13th month pay, have you realized? Quote of the day –

Dad: Can I have a “breakfast bit”?

Me: Dad, did you mean Breakfast BLT?

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“Oh, hur hur.”

I went running at 12.30AM because I couldn’t sleep. My parents tried to stop me but I went anyway. I wore my sister’s clothes because somehow I don’t own T-shirts. That happens when you are BFFs of the Salvation Army and have abandoned collegiate life years ago.

After I get back, I sit in the kitchen to let my inner body heat sauna take over. Sweating is good as I’ve been told – it’s too bad I don’t sweat more; wad’ya know, I can literally sit in a sauna for 20 minutes and still remain dry. 

Dad glances at me as he comes out of the bathroom after his shower.

Five minutes later, Dad: “Where is Amanda, she’s not back?”

Me: “I’m here, Dad.”

Dad: *Looks at me* Where’s Amanda, she’s not back yet???

Me: “Dad, I AM AMANDA.”

Dad: “Oh, hur hur.”

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new haus

Moving from a house to an apartment is like, near impossible. As I speak, my parents are probably battling dangerously tall stacks of boxes in the storeroom wondering how in the world to ‘organize’ them. Our current sofa set sits clumsily in our super downsized living room and Kate is now restricted to the balcony lest she scratches the rented parquet.

Fun stuff about living on top of other people: rubbish chutes! We, collectively as a family, remain fascinated with our rubbish chute. . or at least as of last night.

Another associated upside is that we finally have an excuse to chuck our freaking old fat TV for a flat screen one. Yes, my family had been using fat TVs for only about 20 years. They must have made really good TV sets in the past because our fat TV never broke down ever.

Ooh, let me talk about the weather. Our new place is incredibly windy; I have recurring nightmares that Kate will be blown right off our balcony. We also have a bit of problem reading the newspapers; pages flip without being flipped, sections detach themselves without being detached. Also, the sun feels stronger than usual and I am convinced that salty sea air accelerates UV ray penetration. Never leave home without sunblock, never stay home without it either.

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just wonderful

After a jaunt in town after work, I came home with 2 heartachingly beautiful dresses, a gorgeous top, a lacy camisole and 32 crusty croissants. My old daddy picked me up after picking Nick up and before picking Nat up. After dinner, my old mommy put a homemade facial mask (egg white and green bean) on Nat and Nick and left me to do mine myself. I accused her of not loving me, but she said it’s only because my old daddy was waiting for her to go to Simpang to drink teh tarik with him.




Such an unglam picture (and I seriously look like I popped out from nowhere) but I shall cherish this picture because getting my grandmother into a picture is so hard.

Did I just say ‘picture’ thrice in a sentence!?


a non-cny activity for a non-cny cny

I stole these pictures from my cousin who just uploaded them onto Facebook under an album so aptly titled “non-cny cny”. As you can already gather, all of us are highly amused by the fact that we’re doing everything we normally do on CNY, except the angbao collection, gxfc greetings and mandarin exchanges.

At least we had a new game to play this year.

Calvin’s caption: ‘exercise machine of the century’ – HAHA

Play until sweat

Box until blur

Golf keeps everyone riveted

Now everyone in my extended family knows about Eugene who ‘drove down from Little India to Bedok to pass Amanda the Wii and deserves “Best Boyfriend” award while I get “Worst Girlfriend” award’. It’s a good way to leave an impression I guess ha ha.



We aren’t supposed to celebrate CNY because my grandfather passed on last year.

So we had a non-reunion dinner last night, which only just happened to be held around a steamboat. . . And then we had a non-CNY gathering at my grandmother’s place today, which only just happened to involve a typically-CNY menu featuring pig organ soup, fish maw, sea cucumber, leek and my grandmother’s famous gnou hiang. . .

Anyways, here’s me and Nat last night, in one of out winning sisterly shots which bores my father to death because our smiles are, apparently, too ‘artificial’. He prefers candid (read: ugly) shots of his daughters.


Happy non-CNY folks!

P.S. Ting and Mei – guess what my sis is wearing! Clue: Posh