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The End Of Q1.. Can’t Wait For The Next!

So today marks the end of our pop up store at Naiise, and while D is feeling quite sentimental about it, I’m perfectly fine. I think it was AWESOME, it was a fantastic ride, and we made lots of great friends who subscribe to this crazy, hippie thing called DREAMS, mixed with a little bit of DOWN TO EARTH.

But all good things need to come to an end, and I’m ready for it. And our upcoming vacation too, finally!

I know I’ve been somewhat absent on the blog, but hey – if you really want to stalk, you can follow my alter-ego @naiise on Instagram, and my real self @amandinaxx. And for fun peeks at all the cool and amazing things that have gone on at NONG, just search #nongpopup and #naiise.

(Is this a good time to break into a little rant about how much I hate Facebook these days, from a business perspective and would rather embrace Instagram which creates a much more organic, loyal following? Next time perhaps.)

One of the most special things about NONG was its inaccessibility and strangely beautiful location – the type that makes you suspend reality for a minute and escape the crazy world of incessant brunches and poseur affairs. Even the leaking air con systems – a la HK style – were perfectly genuine and sincere in their manners towards us.

Due to an ongoing battle between the car-park and building landlords (straight out of a Channel 8 movie), we weren’t allowed to have signages anywhere to direct traffic upward. So there was no ‘foot traffic’, only inquisitive, persistent souls who discovered NONG via Facebook and/or Instagram, and specially made the trip down.

And we loved meeting you, every single one of you – from the random weekends, to our wildly successful Hit The Roof party, to Singapore Design Week (we were one of the pit stops for the Design Trail), to workshops spanning a wide range of lifestyle topics (make your own plant babies, make your own kimchi, make your own bar stool, etc). All of it. We even liked the crazy scientists and environmentalists that swung by some times.

D conceived Naiise as being design for everyone, and I think finally understood it.

Anyway, let me run back to my other tab. I have products to upload and HR protocols to read.


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