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Too Many Things To Say

Realisation: cigarettes DO NOT make you poop. Oh god! I’ve been living with this fallacy for the past 10 years! 😦

Random shout-out: new dresses up on The Scarlette.

Somewhat random: NONG prettified by blogshop Lollyrouge here. So pretty! ❤ Watching them in action really reminded me of those gentle days EONS ago, when we would hang out in Bali Lane WAY before it become cool, taking pictures for our first The Scarlette collection. Sweet memories, oh just check out those cap locked SUPERLATIVES that remind us so much of how time has flown.

On small businesses (pre-amble): I love being at NONG. It’s one of those intimate spaces that foster intellectual exchange (if you want), and good ol’ down to earth constructive chatter. It’s like one of those roundtable sessions I read about in Flapper novels – the type typically chaired by a ridiculously good-looking woman and her gay friend, and emulated by no other.

On small business (actual): Being at NONG all the time means we get to meet a lot of small business owners – restaurants, coffee bars, social enterprises, retailers, everything. We love being able to work together, it’s a new breed of business owners, and a new way of thinking. We’re in it together, we have larger players to fight (together). Collaboration, the word, has never resounded stronger.

Green Drinks: participated in a session last night albeit from the fringes. Fascinating for environment lovers, especially if you have a brain, an opinion, a passion, a cause, and a mouth. Here.


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