The Quit Smoking Project

So this is it – the last year I can ever describe myself as being in my ’20s’.

90% of my friends are married, 95% of them have been proposed to, 50% have kids, 40% are well into the second year of their first kid’s life,  30% are onto baby #2.

I might have exaggerated the statistics slightly, that’s what people who write/have written reports for a living do. They tend to take a skewed proportion of the population and apply a logic that works to their advantage 😛

But back to the topic – I’m no where near the above, and age is starting to really creep on me.

It manifests itself when I look at the younger, fresher faces of Insta celebs I meet occasionally (not without a sour, private thought of ‘oh they look better on Insta.. side note to self: TSK TSK SHAME ON YOU). When I look at these newfangled hipster filters of Instagram that make everything look so faded, and wonder what happened to good old vibrant colours. When I carry kids (no shortage of them around now) and wish that soon, I’ll have a kid of my own too.


So, in a bid to gain back some time, I have decided to quit smoking!

Some myths about quitting smoking bunked, and de-bunked:

1) Cutting down works better. False, just quit already.

2) It makes you snack more. True, try stocking your refrigerator with fruits. I told my mom to “support” me in my latest quest and suddenly we have pineapples, grapes, dragon fruit and watermelon in the house chopped into bite-sized yummy pieces.

3) It makes you restless. True, when you don’t have to go for a cigarette break, you suddenly realise how incapable you are of sitting down at a desk/task for a few hours at a go. Solution: walk the dog. Kira is totally benefitting from my sudden desire to go on long, frequent walks.

4) It makes you gain weight. I’ll let you know again.

5) It makes you feel better. Erm, this too I’ll let you know in due time – but it’s nice to stop smelling like a nightclub 😀

6) It’s a sin to err. False, I smoked 1 puff from D and concluded it was gross. See, it’s better to do it, than to wonder what if you did it.

I’m on my 4th smoke-free day now. Hurray! Kissing bye to almost a decade of smoking (ewww!!) Friends: you are allowed to be super nice to me from now on because you know it’s an uphill task and I need all the love I can get rofl. ❤


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