Life, Reflection

Happy New Year

Good day, on the last day of 2013.

Did I like the year? I’m not quite sure, but it was definitely a great step towards carving out that life I want, and dream of.

I stepped up through the rungs of a start-up, learning how to collaborate, cooperate, define and execute, the way bankers never ever needed to.

I learned how to lead a team of 30+ people. Yes, I made wrong hiring calls, but I also learned how to fix them, painfully albeit, and address a multitude of resource and motivational issues.

With the help of D, I cleaned up a MASSIVE chunk of credit card debt that has been sitting around my life ever since I started working. (I know right?!) It was a very painful lesson in life, and if there’s a few lessons to be learned, they are: 1) Never spend more than you can, duh. 2) If you have to date a rich guy, make sure he pays for you to keep up with his lifestyle, not the other way around 3) Learn to quit while you’re ahead.

I left (yet another) very comfortable job to venture into the unknown. I’ll update on the outcome of that on 31 December 2014 😉

I scaled a mountain for the first time in my life, and made some pretty beautiful memories with D. Mostly consisting of big, juicy, beautiful stars 1,600m above sea level, steamy shit in makeshift toilets, and seemingly endless trails of sand, stone and forest ground. Beautiful.

I crystallised what constitutes my idea of happiness and fulfilment, and in 2014, we’ll pursue them closely. 1) Natural light, lots of it. 2) Fresh air, and wide open spaces. 3) Adventures. 4) Celebrating occasions. 5) Family, and Kira. 6) Hard boiled eggs. 7) Feeling strong, and healthy. 8) A growing, and profitable business.

For 2014: looking forward to growing Naiise even faster, further, and better, to our secret hideaway vacation in Feb without phone and internet connection, and…. Mongolia in September!! 2 weeks of hiking!!! *hands up in the air*

Happy new year all, and a good little NYE read for you 🙂


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