Perspective, Singapore

From Freedom to Tunnels

As the world steamrolls ahead into a better year (future), and I swear my bout of festive blues have upped and left the stadium, I’m a little sad over the soon-demise of my favourite expressway in Singpore – the ECP, particularly the stretch that connects to AYE via the Benjamin Sheares bridge, taking you past some of our most iconic buildings and cityscape vistas.

I loved especially that sense of freedom you get when you’re cruising along the expressway, slightly elevated above the rest of the world, flanked on both sides by sea and trees. I’ve seen some of the most spectacular cloud formations and sunsets here on the ECP, this good trusty road that has been taking me home for decades.

And soon, as of this morning actually actually, it will be replaced by the MCE which apparently opened this morning to everyone’s surprise. My favourite stretch of the expressway suddenly turned into a road, with traffic lights and an unexpected cross junction. Not to mention a hell lot of  traffic confusion as everyone converged suddenly at that junction.

I hear the MCE is a tunnel. Tunnels are the opposite of freedom. Tunnels make you anticipate the end of the tunnel. I’m sorry to see you go, and again it’s a mark of how my favourite things are disappearing 😦 Adieu.


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