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The Rest of Bali

Clearing out the rest of my vacation pictures, because you know, soon there will be.. another one. Muahaha. This time back to Lombok, where we are going to stay at this secluded beach camp in the south, where it will just be you, me, the sea and the forest. Wow! Super cannot wait!

The good thing about being un-professionally-employed, is that we get to go on off-season holidays, which can be a third to half the price you would pay if you were a peak-season traveller. I recall paying upward of US$1k a night during NYE, and being forced to attend a mandatory dinner which sucked, with bad buffet food and a terrible Karaoke singer.

That hotel in question is Eskaya in Bohol, Philippines, and it was the worst hotel I have ever stayed at. I’m not sure how it is like now, but back then, their staff were not in uniform and every night I would have a very suspicious-looking person knock on my door, offering me suspicious-looking snacks. I don’t discriminate against lack of uniforms, but if you had seen the setting (like in the middle of a wasteland), you would question all food brought to you. The receptionist was rude, the food was bad, the hotel banned outside food (so we had to throw away our supermarket-bought emergency supplies), and the ‘complimentary’ gift was a pair of fake Havaianas. For a king’s ransom type of rates, I would have expected more, a lot more. Ultimately we paid even more to get flights out of that crap hole, and I swore to write a very bad review on Tripadvisor. However, I forgot, and forget – and since the experience is, by now, a good 2-3 years ago, I don’t think it would be very relevant anymore. Hopefully, things have improved.

Total sidetrack. Sorry! Back to the vacation pictures 🙂


The gracious Alila Manggis, reminds me a little of Amanwella, with the huge lawns and mad, wild coconut trees


This is the mandatory human shot, unfortunately we have little of these. If only we had one of those roving photographers on Instagram.

“I’ll swear that a White House photographer follows them around,” said Ms. Mermelstein. “The full family of four is in every photo. Whether it’s the first day of school, apple picking, summer camp, the playground or on vacation, all four super-happy family members fill each and every frame.”


Alila Ubud – great, great pool with a magnificent scenery to boot!


Our meal at Ibu Oka Warung. Unfortunately by the time we tracked this little family compound down, the suckling pig had sold out so we settled for this other dish which looks like nasi campur to me. Then again, everything looks like nasi campur to me! Eating in a family compound = kind of awkward, because the family members are milling around pruning their trees while you eat.


Ubud Market, first time for me! Two different drivers, on two different occasions, have supposedly brought me to “Ubud” but all I saw were workshops, and never Ubud Village itself. What gives? #scam


It’s a good life, it is.


Our amazing tree villa at Alila Ubud


Yeah it’s very nice. Even Mr. Naiise is totally digging it while he taps away at his Apple.


Typical Bali ❤ ❤ ❤


Just a random shot of the Mountain Villa at Alila Soori. If you are thinking of staying there, these padi fields (now watermelon due to the season) are what you’ll see at the back. Very beautiful inside too.


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