The Scarlette

Pantone Shades for Spring 2014

OK, a foreword: I don’t mean to scare all of you with 4x full-length images of myself, but I did want to share with you some new arrivals and re-stocks on The Scarlette. I’m a little late, as some of them have already sold out (Valetta and Adrianna), but they’re still available on pre-order basis. Just place your orders on the website as per normal, or hit us up at if you have a question or two.

We get lots of requests asking for work dresses, but since yours truly has stopped being a true professional since circa 1.5 years ago, my desire to make covered-up dresses and shapeless sheaths has declined substantially. I, in fact, wince when I see too many of them on Shenton Way, it makes me want to cry out in despair. But that said, we will re-focus our energies on creating more versatile dresses in 2014 for everyone.

2013 was a year of experimentation, and we found our niche: bright, classy and sexy maxis that take you nicely from brunch to dinners, and aren’t there a ton of them these days? 😉

For the time being, do enjoy our multi-coloured world of maxis in beautiful Pantone shades for Spring 2014!



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