Life, Love

Learning Through Work and Play

Working with the boyfriend teaches me a couple of things about him. It’s like travelling together.

1) He’s big picture and all great-leader oratorical like, driving home a single, salient point in 30 minutes. I prefer to say a single point in 1 sentence, but of course the effect isn’t quite there.

2) He’s slow, I’m fast. I would rather speed through things with less accuracy, than plod through at 100% accuracy. Good thing my years in banking has raised the accuracy bar from 50% to 90%, while keeping speed high. Lesson learnt: sample sanity check helps a great deal.

3) He’s humble (for-the-people) and believes in full transparency. I’m a little arrogant. Although I hate to admit it, I subscribe to appearances and will work to preserve it.

4) He’s vision and creativity, I’m math and productivity. I guess it’s good and complementary, as long as we argue less and learn from each other 🙂 Lesson learnt: patience.



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