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Happy, Merry Anniversary Every Day

Oh, my, god. I have been so busy that I haven’t even had time to visit this little place on earth.

I was clearly deluded when I imagined my so-called unemployed life as consisting of long luxurious baths, daily yoga sessions, and an hour or two each day to pen down my thoughts and upload pictures, if any.

But when you get a sense that things are picking up, gaining traction, it’s all worth it. There’s nothing worse than just plowing along, waiting for change to happen, I don’t know – some kinda of metamorphosis (?)

Business traction aside, my body – I think – is even starting to show signs of renewal, with some muscle mass miraculously finding its way into my abs, biceps and back, courtesy of yoga and pilates, and good, clean natural oils on my skin again. It’s pretty cool, it’s kind of what I imagine Richard went through in The Beach, when he first peered at himself in the mirror after spending enough time at the beach community. Tanned, healthy, alive.

That was my favourite scene incidentally. It’s like going to a fat camp, but a beautiful and exciting one.

Anyways, I promise to blog soon, especially about my latest find – a hippie gem of a yoga studio in the East 🙂

Tata, for now as I have an early yoga session tomorrow. I leave you with a picture of yours truly and his truest.

Happy anniversary baby. I’m never good with dates and occasions (although that needs to change, especially when we have kids), but I hope you enjoy the every day with me! ❤



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