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A Bali Good Time

OK, I ripped this title off a hashtag I saw on Instagram, I thought it was pretty cool, and apt. 😀

While looking through my camera, I realised most of my Soori pictures were of sunsets and the beach, which is no surprise considering we spent pretty much most of our time staring into the endless blue. I don’t think I even managed to take many pictures of our villa, or the resort, but I think Google should suffice. It’s very beautiful, no doubts about it, plus it’s only 4 years old so no weird algae growing anywhere.

I think one of the most important things to me when choosing where to stay is the beach. And I’ve designed a rigorous way to conduct my research before checking in anywhere: Instagram. 1) I search for the hotel’s hashtag, then 2) I identify its location pin, then 3) I spend a good few minutes scrolling through the image feed.

If you don’t find beach pictures, it usually means the beach is crap, or non-existent. Where user-generated content is concerned, Instagram also makes for a much prettier viewing experience, with the filters and all, because – have you looked at Travellers’ Photos on Tripadvisor? Utterly scary – unprofessionally taken and un-Photoshopped pictures manage to make even the most beautiful places look like slum towns.

Try it next time! 🙂 It has worked out pretty well for us on our last few trips, haven’t really had a dud yet. Plus it’s also nifty for deciding what to pack when you’re travelling during those finicky Summer-Fall transition periods, when you’re not quite sure what a 12-25 degree weather forecast really means. Instagram = real time feed of what real people in target destination are wearing. I used it for Berlin, and I also used to to gauge what to wear to climb Rinjani ha, ha.


A Bali Good Beach – Kelating Beach, pretty unknown (even to the locals) until Soori arrived




Pretty Swathes – But you’ll be advised against swimming in the ocean due to the undercurrents. We did it anyway, and survived. Lots of volcanic pebbles to be admired and picked, if you’re into these kind of things, as D is.





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