Hong Kong, Shopping

Literally Cut Label

Lots of people have been landing on my blog by searching for the following terms: cut label dresses in Hong Kong.

Well, here’s where they are – mostly in Apple Mall in Causeway Bay, which is on the side of Times Square (and not SOGO). There are also lots of smaller boutiques along the main roads of Queen’s Road East (in the Wan Chai area).

But this is only if you really insist.

My opinion on cut-label dresses is that they are all fake (tell-tale sign: when their sizes are in S, M, L because c’mon – which serious designer makes S, M and L sizes?) because I have seen factories and wholesale shops in Shenzhen churn out cut-label dresses by the mill. They just make a little rip in the label, and then price it at a premium.

So don’t be fooled. When a saying such as “it’s too good to be true” becomes an adage, it’s probably very true.


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