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Thinking aloud: he says, she says, they say

I read an article the other day about how more MBA students are choosing to join  startups over traditional industries like banking and management consulting (sorry I can’t find the link anymore).

Leaving out the usual resulting discourse about how this reflects our unicorn generation and how we all should have learned IT instead of finance, what this means is that now – more than ever – a lot of people are leading double, triple lives.

They have their personal alias/blog, they have a little project somewhere, they probably have a third and fourth project elsewhere since project #1 didn’t quite work out (trial and error), then they have an interest group on top of that, et cetera et cetera et cetera.

Unless their personal alias (brand) is eponymous to every other project they establish, or unless they have tons of people working for them, they are probably logging in and out of their Instagram and Facebook accounts multiple times a day/week in order to execute different personas.

Even social media managers do this – they are at times their selves, but more often, they are the mouthpieces of a larger corporate entity.

I think someone needs to invent an app that allows people to log in to multiple social media accounts at one go – just like Gmail. Do credit me if you do 🙂

I think – from personal experience – that it is very different to adopt different personas, especially in tone. How you speak on the Internet when you’re captioning  your vacation pictures is quite different from when you’re trying to persuade your users to do something – follow you back, like this picture, buy this, and so on.

Tone in itself is subjective and appeals in varying degrees to your bosses, the media, your PR managers, your existing audience, potential new audiences.

I guess there’s no conclusion to this post – I was just thinking aloud 🙂 There’s no two ways about it, I guess, just do – and learn!


One thought on “Thinking aloud: he says, she says, they say

  1. Can’t agree more with someone needing to invent that app and the pov on tonality. I have 2 accounts, and am struggling just interchanging between the 2 that sometimes I end up losing track of the intended message/end point!

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