A Great Brand is Felt, and Understood

And hello, from Singapore again.

Over the last few days, I was in too much pampered bliss to even open up the computer, what with all that great, glorious sunshine and the Indian Ocean lapping up at my feet, literally.

Our sojourn through Bali this time, was decisively more sanitised than our last vacation. Apart from the occasional bicycle ride into the villages, and through the streets of Ubud, we stayed mostly within the resort, relaxing, reading and eating.I guess we will leave adventure to our next vacation; one must alternate grand adventure with pure relaxation to make each better than the last.

I’ve never been a happier guest – all three Alilas were exceptional in service and resplendent in architecture. This completes my full Alila experience, having stayed in Uluwatu a year ago, and well – let’s just say that wherever they open next, I will probably be first to sign up as a soft launch guest. Seminyak is next – sometime next year, the staff tell me proudly, right beside Potato Head.

If I had to narrow down the three things we liked most, it was i) incredible staff, ii) amazing location, and iii) humbling sustainability. I really liked Alila’s commitment to its surroundings, buying local produce off the plantations that surround it, and contribute to its magnificent countryside views, and employing up to 70% of its workforce from the surrounding villages. What this does is to create a very harmonious environment of friendliness, natural beauty and a sense of community both inside and outside the resorts.

Almost everyone we met hailed from local villages, they work in three shifts a day and get to go home each night – which I think creates a sense of balance and well-being that shines through whenever they interact with the guests. It’s quite different from the Maldives, where everyone comes from miles away and get to go home only twice a year. It does show – professionalism and service levels can be standardised; warmth, happiness, satisfaction and pride are gleaned and not easily replicated.

I admire its owners for their ability to create a really great brand while demonstrating such warmth, respect and responsibility to its surrounding environments and people. I don’t think it’s an easy feat at all!

We took loads of pictures, I shall upload them soon 😀


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