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A Little Slice of Heaven

Namaste from Ubud, a little slice of heaven in Bali.

The weather’s been intermittently rainy, but then again, Ubud isn’t exactly the kind of place that makes you want to run to the pool at first sight of light. It’s the kind of place that makes you want to wander among art galleries and organic cafes, or sit at a warung with a good friend and contemplate the meaning of life, as we did today with Ari.

Lots of Eat Pray Love types here, and lots of Eat Pray Love things to do. It’s really nice and peaceful, with lots of exotic smells mixed with the rejuvenating smell of fresh air, and a slightly chilly at night. It reminds me a little of Ella in Sri Lanka, a little slice of heaven as I said.

We are in the happy position of staying at Alila Ubud which commands some really awesome views, especially from the main pool. The estate is stunning, and sprawling; just the 1km (guestimation) drive through the padi fields from entrance no. 1 to entrance no. 2 is enough to make me fall over. We were also upgraded (again) to the tree villa which was a real treat. We are, forever, indebted to our gracious hosts here at Alila.

We are also in Ubud at the same time Ladyironchef is, so I’ve been stalking his Instagram account to find great restaurant ideas to try, including Ibu Oka, a little restaurant located in the middle of a family compound. It was great food, if a little strong smelling, but we did feel kind of odd sitting there and eating with the owner (or so we think) pottering around the garden and pruning his trees. I have a video of some major tree-pruning activity going on, if you’re interested.

However, Ladyironchef also seems to eat more than 3x a day, so we had issues keeping up, lol.

Well, this is it for now, it’s not very Ubud-esque to keep staring at the computer 😉


P.S. In the spirit of rejuvenation and self-realisation, a new topic for me to read and learn about – Osho, and his teachings on self-awareness and love. It was something Ari talked about today at lunch which was really interesting to me, and it also struck a chord after having watched Collapse last night with D. Go read, and watch – it’s fascinating. Let’s see if you come to the same conclusion we did: good endings do not come for people who advocate independence of thought. Sardonic.

Peace out x2.


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