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It’s Slow Down Zone in East Bali

Selamat, checking in from our suite at Alila Manggis! 😀

The good people here were nice enough to give us an upgrade and we’re totally loving it, with enough space for us to have a bubble bath, lounge separately on two divans, play ping pong, work on a desk with our laptops and roll around in bed – all at the same time. It is a very good (and large) room.

I love the resort too – it’s got that old-world glamour feel to it, with a huge square pool fringed with deck chairs, coconut trees and duplex suites on the compound. It’s big, airy and spacious, with lots of green lawn. Old is gold sometimes – space is rare among newer resorts, and I much prefer the ‘traditional’ resort architecture to today’s newfangled concrete-and-glass structures.

We were a little afraid that the resort would be old, well I guess it is old, but it is also very well-maintained. I was just telling D that I think they use the same kitchen top counter material as walls in the smaller rooms – that’s how they keep it well-maintained, versus painted wall or wallpaper. Yes, I am very observant on hotels – it’s one of my favourite things to do on vacation. Must have been a hotelier in my past life, ha ha.

The only drawback so far is, expectedly, the weather, given that we are in the down season. We hoped against hope that the sun would choose to shine, but nope 😦 Ended up spending lots of time lounging around the pool, working and occasionally flipping through my “Massive Book of 100 Conspiracy Theories”. Right now on the Bilderberg group.

Other moments are spent learning photography – not going so well so far, I still think my iPhone takes better pictures – and walking through the somewhat desolate town of Candidasa. It is even sadder than Lombok’s Senggigi and Khao Lak, if that can even be possible.

At times like these, I realise how much I love hanging out with D, even when there is absolutely nothing to do. We just talk and walk and explore, and take it like a little jaunt through nothingness. Decisions are made mutually, on the destination, hotel, location and once they’re made, we just.. live it.

I recall a quite different period of time in my life when I actually would feel guilty for selecting a place that turned out to be bad. Or when boredom in general would lead to restlessness, dissatisfaction and the occasional fight.

Quite different times indeed, I am thankful ❤


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