Off to see the world

Three posts in three days, well almost – it’s barely past midnight now – I’m on a swing! Just dropping a quick note before I run off to pack for our vacation tomorrow!

It’s going to be triangulated trip to Bali this time round, to places I haven’t visited or stayed at length before, so I am really, really looking forward. I think we have more luck with the whole Eat Pray Love thing here than we do in Seminyak. Plus, it’s going to be the first vacation this year on which I will not be urgently emailing someone from the mountain top/lake/boat. It could be an odd feeling; D’d better be extra hippie and entertaining 😀

I’m feeling really energetic today. I want to get all these projects moving and every incremental thing that goes through gives me that much incremental confidence. It’s really like starting out all over again, exactly back at square one, the founding blocks of building something. I mean, well – I don’t have anyone to manage now.. so I guess I am now rank and file.

Swung by the old office to have lunch/coffee and chit-chat with my (now ex-) colleagues and also to pick up my farewell notes. One of them, my favourite, read, “It’s been both inspiring and back breaking having a boss who can do it all.” I don’t necessarily like it that I’m breaking other people’s backs (!!!) but knowing that I led by example meant a great deal to me. It was a happy moment of self-reflection 🙂


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