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The tougher love gets..

While a good many people around us are getting engaged/married/a firstborn/a second born, there is also a fair share of people still unravelling the mysteries of love, getting tangled in difficult relationships, nursing a broken heart after emerging from one.

Yes it still happens, adulthood doesn’t automatically qualify you for a perfect life, although one could be mistaken by scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, seemingly picture-perfect worlds. Just that grown-ups have learned better than to scream and shout about it, I guess.

Breaking up is never easy, but breaking up as you get older is exceptionally hard. You count back the long, long years and realise that suddenly, after everything that has passed and possibly could pass, you’re back again at square one, along with many sixteen, eighteen, twenty year olds.

And I can imagine, the world must seem a much scarier, much lonelier place. 😦

Let’s all be a little kinder. Everyone is struggling as well.


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