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Hello hippie living, good bye to a great year

Yesterday was officially my last day at work – so this it! Farewell to my 10-to-8 job, and hello to a brand new life, 24 hours a day stretching ahead of me with no fixed directives nor schedule, absurdly uncharted waters!! I’ve always lived on a schedule,  been at the beck and call of some investor, banker, boss, client, so this should either be very liberating, or very disorientating.

That said, I have a vacation to think about so I am temporarily parking the fear and excitement aside and looking forward to Bali.. (again). I know, it’s ridiculous the number of times we go to Bali each year, and – trust me – we have thought about becoming permanent residents there, but we have a business to grow first 🙂

My farewell was pretty cool – my kids plotted with D to bring Kira to the office and surprised me with lots of balloons, wine and a really big malamute running across the office to hug me. Think Christian the lion epic touching moment, although I just saw Kira that same morning. The girls stuck fake tattoos on their backs and feet – in a bid to mock my body art, ha ha – and they turned D’s mug shot into a tattooed, long haired, Steve Aoki-like Japanese god that I love. I guess you can say they pretty much know me very well 😉

One of the best things of working at ZALORA was the amazing camaraderie we had. Work never felt like work, and I never felt like a boss, but I think I had their respect and together, we accomplished some really great stuff! It was my first ‘office family’ and I loved it (secret commie soul in me). I’ve never had that experience – fellow bankers make for terrible office families, everyone’s just too weary and disillusioned to be fun.

I also learned a great deal: I learned how to ‘negotiate’, ‘collaborate’ on projects, narrow discussions down to ‘actionable points’, ‘optimise’ processes, ‘lead’ a team, make ‘tough calls’, skills I never would have learned in a banking environment, given the structure of equity research. I worked beside consultants, creatives, stylists, designers and techies and I gained so much from it.

In my last few weeks, many people also sought me out for advice and I was honoured that they considered me well enough to do so. In short, I am very proud of what I achieved in the past year – it was a really good one! To all my new hires, many of which I persuaded to leave their stable banking/consulting/PR jobs to join our team, I sincerely hope they find the same gratification and opportunities I did. And to anyone else considering a major career switch, don’t be scared – the possibilities are endless and we are still (kind of) young.

OK, enough musing for a Saturday morning. I need to wake D up, then we need to go view some apartments 🙂

Have a great weekend everybody and sorry for being a terrible blogger with no pictures 😦


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