Brunch, Kira, Love

May you be healthy, goofy and silly always

For a day without agenda, today was surprisingly eventful.

For a start, D got into the papers for a feature on Naiise.

It was also Kira’s 2nd birthday which meant lots of mucking around our living room with party hats and sequin bow ties, and a special brunch outing because Kira – like the rest of us – loves brunches. The cherry on the topping, though, was mom and dad’s gift-wrapped present to Kira which included healthy treats, and a set of toothpaste and toothbrush LOL.

To my dearest Kira: Happy birthday, and may you be healthy, goofy and silly always. It’s a real miracle  you survived all the illnesses you had as a puppy and somehow that makes your existence all the more precious. Love you very much from grandma, grandpa, dad, mom and aunt (?) What do I call you, Nat?

P.S. Tried a new brunch place today, Revolution Coffee, mm – think we’re sticking to Symmetry..


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