Life, Parents

The usual year-end mush

At home on a rainy Friday, feeling like nothing could possibly be better than being at home.

And on top of that I have a spanking “new” blog. A few CSS tweaks here and there, and I am a happy girl, excited about blogging again.

I guess you could say that I’m practicing between unemployed and the usual unemployment-related type of activities. Like blogging, or daily yoga 😉

For what must be the fifth time since I’ve entered the supposedly-productive workforce, I tendered my resignation last week. Don’t get me wrong – I didn’t hate work, in fact I loved it very much with mind-blowing opportunities given to me, an almost-meteoric rise to management levels, and I had the best team anyone could ask for. But as do all good things go, the good times wane, the learning curve turns gradual, and rolling into office gets that bit much harder each morning.

So I got off my ass and decided to do something that will excite me again.

It was a somewhat difficult decision, since I had a little bit of a Big-Fish-in-a-Small-Pond complex but that’s well and done over now. To everyone who helped me make my decision – from the three big Ds (Dad, Dennis, Deb) in my life, to my mom and sister, THANK YOU.

I have an astoundingly, amazingly hippie support circle, parents inclusive. None of that ‘just work hard and earn money’ bullshit here, but instead, ‘go forth and venture, tumble in some hardship, learn life from the bottom up’. Did you read the  NYT article about Raising Successful Children? My parents, down to a T, including the part about having fulfilling lives to give children a version of adult life that is appealing and worth striving for. #proudoffspring moment

Here’s to a brilliant year-end, and a spanking new 2014 (coming soon) – full of bright lights and new opportunities!

And to my humble blog: may you suffer less indignities in the month ahead, I promise to come back and write on you more regularly. Why did you think I gave you a makeover? 😉


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