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Pantone 0262

Totally my kind of morning, although I would (have) to substitute that pot of tea for coffee.

As I ease out of my current day job, I’ve been spending much of my evenings uploading amazing design products onto, which D runs. And humbling is the experience, as I interact – for the first time – with real designers, none of that wholesale, white-label stuff from Taobao. Their ingenuity, passion and love for creating great products that light up people’s life through function and design is really nothing short of admirable.

One of my favorite collections is the Room Copenhagen x Pantone Universe range of products which brings in these gorgeous Pantone shades in cups, bowls and plates. Seriously pretty! I can almost eat up that Lavender plate. Totally getting my hands on some, and then sticking some of Nat’s cassis macarons onto them for an orgasmically purple event.

The other super cool product that I really want is this madly intuitive Lexon clock which you can turn the alarm on/off just by flipping it over. I think it’s ingenious, and anyone who has spent scrambling over to the edge of your bed, tracing the charging wire to locate your iPhone, then madly swiping left to turn the alarm off, will probably agree as well.

Well, merry Christmas in advance – Naiise is only going to get better so help spread the word! 🙂 xoxo


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