Pasar Blah and Other Food News

I had a weekend devoid of work (emails)… purely out of choice.

But I have a feeling I might regret it when Monday rolls around, seeing how I am now conspicuously the only person on several mailing lists that hasn’t replied all to a silly question or other. Lots of joy-killers around on a weekend..

Went to the club today for a nice swim and a tan.. quite a welcoming and relaxing change for the weekend. Then we popped by Pasar Bella for the first time to check out all that hype, and also that famous neon pink light box that reads Keep Calm and Carry Food. I guess I am not particularly impressed; I expected a much more outdoorsy, artisan food place selling fresh produce like the markets in Europe, and all I got was a high-end Marche lookalike. Just exchange the rosti for oysters..

We ate a Boston lobster and some oysters.. luckily they were good 🙂 Then we finished the day with lobster bisque and a jumbo prawn linguine in lobster sauce at our favorite neighborhood haunt, Bruno’s – so I guess you can say we had a very seafood type of day, and are swimming in cholesterol right now 😦

While we are on the topic of food, do check out my sister’s new blog here! She’s back from Paris and now very learned on the French desserts front.. or so I think because she keeps rambling words/names that have me go “huh”? But she’s a great patisserie chef and food photographer and I’m proud of my baby sister this way! ❤


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