My Third World (Reich)

My first world problem, is that my home has third world Internet speed.

And everyone is too lazy to solve it.

Because we are a family of hoarders (devices, paintings, shoes, bags, pots and pans, you name it), we have LOTS of things. And the technical infrastructure is starting to prove inadequate to handle all that load. Our vintage (read: ancient) hi-fi, the one that is older than me, blew up into blue flames last month because there were too much currents running through it. And, with an average of 1 laptops, 1 tablet and 1 phone per person, including honorary member D, the Internet highway at Casa Eng is really crawling.

The situation has even gotten worse since the return of my baby sister, who decided to move into the room closest to the router, sucking up all the Internet juice. In the meantime, D and I are racking up the 3G/LTE bills due to excessive hotspot usage.

That aside, it’s great to have my little sister back. It’s like adding 5 noisy kids into the household, with all the accompanying riot, love and fun. Last night we had a family + boyfriend cook-out: asparagus, mint and lemon risotto (a Jaime Oliver recipe, it’s delicious), clams in white wine and finished with ginger creme bulee. It was a fantastic way to spend a Saturday night.

September has really flown by. A week after returning from Lombok (which feels like years ago), we held our ZALORA x River Island launch party at MINI Habitat and it was great fun, and a success!! I guess if it hadn’t been a success, my job would have been on the line, ha ha.

After that, I had a two-day commute to Berlin for a three-day conference. In typical venture capital and startup fashion, we  had 1 hour a day for all our meals combined, lots of motivational “you are an entrepreneur” talks, and the rest of the time was spent discussing strategy and best practices.

On the last day, I managed to squeeze in a little sightseeing at the Wall and Checkpoint Charlie, plus a gigantic pork knuckle (to eat), before jumping back onto the plane. It was nice to re-visit the city after some 8 years, but my memories are so dusty, I can’t really make a comparison anymore of ‘what it was like back then’ vs. now. Also, this time I was mostly shuffling between a bank and a law firm, not exactly key destinations on my student itinerary then!

So off to brunch soon! And the time has come for me to click ‘Publish’ – fingers crossed!

xx Amandina


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