The Emperor Has New Hair

Deep inside me, is a streak that loves to prove otherwise. While researching for ‘good hair salons for ombre’, I consistently came across only one hair salon on Google – Salomvim, the same Salonvim I have seen whored to death on Instagram. Very good social and SEO link juice I must admit; they’ve practically cornered the Five Points of Nuffnang!

(Sorry, Gangs of New York is sitting fresh in my mind, hence the references).

But I refuse to believe there is only one salon in the whole of Singapore capable of doing ombre. So I fell back into my preferred routine of doing everything in the East Coast, and found a random salon to try. First attempt near qualified as a disaster because ‘ombre’ turned out to be more Oreo sandwich, with all that dark/light contrast built in. It was awful; I spent the entire week trying to take half a day off to fix my hair (and as the Gods would have it, I ended up falling sick so I couldn’t fix my hair anyway!)

Out of pure stubbornness, and a need for my choice to be vindicated, I HAD to go back to them. After taking a couple of things into my own hand, like ensuring I sat facing the floor-to-ceiling window (= natural light to gauge hair color), and carefully explaining what I needed, I settled back, relaxed and ended up receiving the MOST BEAUTIFUL hair I’ve ever had in recent memory.

❤ Trust and perseverance goes a long way. So does ensuring that you sit near natural light when coloring your hair!

For all you Easties: a very patient + accommodating crew, appointment slots available at last minute  + really fair prices. Heritage Hair. Tides @ 217 East Coast Road #02-03. Tel: 6345 9902.

On another note, wouldn’t it be nice if there were fairer, and with more variety, reviews out there? As opposed to perpetually reading the same shout-outs about the same establishments that give out free services in exchange for social media callout. Ditto with luxury travel blogs – it’s great that there are so many reviews of Alila Uluwatu, but what if I wanted to stay in somewhere else other than Bali? You’ll find that there is a real dearth of information. Maybe Google should change its algorithm as well…


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