A Geeky Sort of Hen’s Night

Primary school was a dream, junior college a mirage. I spent most of my JC days running away from class and hanging out at the pool that sometimes it feels like those two years barely existed. University was a good, decadent riot, but ah – secondary school days – those was some of the purest, most joyful times I’ve ever had.

Far away from the maddening annoyances of boy-likes-girl, of popularity in-circle games.

I existed peacefully in a little bubble-wrapped cocoon they called GEP. And my friends were brilliant, dreamy and nonsensical, who grew up into well, brilliant, dreamy and nonsensical young ladies. Albeit with sky-high careers and a scholarship bond or two to tide out.

We’re a little geeky, and we definitely run on the wrong side of cool. And hen nights are a little odd too – none of that stripper stuff, or wholesome, girly sessions with blowouts, manicures and/or a cooking/salsa class. We well.. take pictures for posterity. 🙂

And The Scarlette is proud to lend itself as Props Master for the day. We are all about real women after all, and it thrills me to see my doctor girlfriend go from scrubs and jeans to a smoking hot siren, with the change of a dress. ^^








Shop the restocked Nikki in Red worn so well by the doc!!


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