Mid June and Counting..

And good morning (afternoon, really) world.

Am not really done clearing my mountain of emails, but I guess I’ll plod through it slowly while waiting for my pedicure appointment.

My toes just love having an ingrown nail problem. I can’t recall a time when I never had to worry about them. And it’s not like I stuff my feet into Louboutins daily. Firstly, I am more of a Choos girl; and secondly, when you work in a start-up, wearing heels is akin to donning a ballgown to a football match.

Quite a crazy week this week, interviewing all sorts of people – smart, young, eager, retarded, and a 25 year old who looked 40. I  had a major double take reaction when he told me his age and last drawn salary, because I was expecting a lot more on both fronts. Then on Friday, otherwise known as the busiest day of the week for me, I was pulled into creating a offline+online marketing proposal for a major brand we are set to sign soon.

I am from banking. The presentation looked like an investment presentation deck. I am – wail – so pathetically un-creative!

Next week we have a meeting in Bangkok. Was so super thrilled because I thought I could squeeze in a day trip to Tung my tattoo artist. But alas the famed Tung has been booked for the whole month of June. Seriously, he has to be the most baller tattoo artist I know who owns an entire village + tree-house, and still slums it out in a minuscule space on the shady back lanes of Khao San.

Had no luck convincing the boyfriend OR girlfriends to come either because it’s school holidays now and it costs you as much to fly to Bangkok this month, as it would to fly to Russia at any other time.

So I will pack my swimsuit, and have a some alone time on the weekend. I do have a love for gesturing on my own, pretending to be cool, independent and highly mysterious individual. Especially in cities where I don’t have a close friend to ring up to hang out.

This Monday, Kirasan is going to be spayed. You have no idea how terrified I am by the prospect. Even if the risk of an operation gone wrong is 99.9%, I keep thinking of that 0.01%. And I am so terribly afraid by vets. Because as you know, I’ve nearly lost Kira twice when she was a puppy – first to pneumonia, then to Parvo. I also lost most of my life savings keeping her on the trip, but that’s another miserable story for another day 😉

2 more weeks to Bali! 😀

Have a great weekend all, and remember to take your Daddy out to eat tomorrow! Happy Fathers’ Day!


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