HR and Getaway Ideas

Good afternoon world!

It’s been an exhausting week, mostly consumed by HR matters. The thing about working in a start-up, is that the kind of people we attract are young, ever restless and ever so, terribly hungry for more. And not necessarily always for more money, but for a broader scope of responsibilities, exposure to other functions, etc. And I feel like a flexible solutions provider of sorts, continuously trying to give my guys the opportunities they seek, while maintaining some sort of continuity and balance within the team. It’s not easy, but it’s something we have to do in order to retain talent.

And then, of course there are people who get tired of the frenzied pace at which we work (some say it’s almost close to banking/consulting hours), and non-stop Skype conversations and emails even on weekends and while you’re on vacation. The City never sleeps, that would be a good tagline.

So coming from last weekend to this, I’ve suddenly found myself with three positions to fill. So yes, if you, or anyone you know, are looking to step into one of Asia’s fastest growing online fashion business, ping me. We promise to nurture every single employees into entrepreneurs within their own scope, and our performance-driven culture greatly rewards go-getters and bright people.

In a tangential vein, if you are tired of your existing life and in need of a getaway, why not try Project Getaway? I met one of the founders this week and the business, which bills itself as “Inspiring people all over the world to truly live life, through awesome exotic events for entrepreneurial people”, is indeed quite inspiring-sounding!

And finally… I want to get a Maine Coon! Have you seen the pictures! Absolutely adorable. A giant cat would totally match my giant Kira. 😀


2 thoughts on “HR and Getaway Ideas

  1. sazz says:

    Maine Coons are adorable! But pls do consider adopting and not buying. Conditions in pet shops/Kitten mills are appalling! :]

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