The 28th Birthday List

It’s my birthday!! D wished me “happy 29th” last night and I had to remind him, not so gently, that I’m only 28! 😦 “Baby, how can you be 28 when I’m 29”, he asked. So had to do some basic math: we were both born in ’85; it’s now the year 2013 so therefore we are both 28. Gosh, maybe once you’re on the wrong side of your  20s, the specifics don’t matter no more..

Anyway, this is my 28th Birthday List!

  • Volunteer overseas for a few weeks
  • Fulfill what I wished for last night over my birthday candle wish
  • Travel to somewhere with spectacular scenery & adventure & wildlife – looks like Tasmania for now
  • Live like a hippie for a few weeks – or live like a hippie and volunteer (ref: point 2) at the same time, given limited time off from the real world
  • Move out, and get a little sister for Kirasan – canine sister, not human
  • Learn how to sew a dress from scratch
  • Get another tattoo from Tung to mark the new year
  • Run a Birthday for a Cause campaign for my 29th – click here to find out more!

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