Getting Creative

I guess you can say I grow up in a relatively creative family: we’re not really the numbers sort. When I said I was gonna be a banker, my dad said banks are evil and I’ve always suspected so myself right to the minute I resigned.

Life swirls endlessly for all of us, but I’m willing to bet my last dollar, that it’s going to swirl eventually right to what you were always meant to do, only if you’d give life a chance, and stop being a control freak. 🙂

The biggest downside to not having studied marketing, apart from Marketing101 back in Year 1, is that sometimes I find myself unable to properly articulate myself in a fancy, brand-y sort of way. Which is why I’m completely amazed by what the good folks at Naiise have done in their writeup on The Scarlette – it’s a 100% spot on! Check out our interview here!


P.S. Week 2 of being a slave to the family (and dog) and counting down to the day (8 more) my mom gets back from Paris, and I can finally go on vacation. It’s horrible to have to clean up after Kira’s mess, and Dad’s too!!! And my soul is under attack from boredom and suffering in this Singapore heat. I have been a bitch to live with this past week (sorry D!).


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