Dope New Fresh Ins

OK it’s official, you can show our new arrivals here now! The first (and sizable) batch of orders already went to friends and family and social media; so I hope we won’t run out too soon! We have this bad habit of under-producing good styles/colors and over-producing the less popular ones. 😦


We have also reorganized some of the categories so that you can now shop easily by occasion, color or even dress length. Dress length because a lot of our customers/friends have been giving feedback that often, dresses bought online arrive way too short for modesty. And as our mantra goes.. Cover up. Being a mystery is more sexy than showing every inch of yourself off. (Rules of a Lady #11) This is especially true as you head into the bad end of your 20s! 😉


2 thoughts on “Dope New Fresh Ins

    • amandina says:

      hey gina, no sorry! we’re fully sold out and we don’t do restocks as a policy 🙂 however, we have another version of elena coming in a different color so we’ll ping you when it’s in!

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