A Little Bit of Potatoes and The Scarlette

Just a little update on The Scarlette while I put the carrots and potatoes to cook for Kira. She’s a mighty vegetarian dog you see; my home is a vegetarian one and the canine has not been spared. Joked with mom that we should teach Kira how to cook and my mom replied with an anecdote about how stray dogs in Russia are so smart, they know how to sleep in subways and go out foraging for food (like humans).

A bit like the scene in Paris, come to think of it.

(I hated my last trip to Paris by the way, but another story for another day).

My parents have become very plugged into the digital world. They  go out for breakfast and supper with iPad Minis and Galaxy Tabs tucked under their arms, probably playing Candy Crush, or Sudoku, or Instagramming over coffee and tea. My mom has even taken to knocking on my door late at night to show me  YouTube videos of dogs being tortured by Thai people (which resulted in a nightmare in which Kira was being kidnapped and I came to rescue her by breaking the arms off every kidnapper in the room).

Too much YouTube animal rights videos + Lost!

Back to The Scarlette..

We’re now running a little Flash Sale on Naiise – with prices on some of our older (but still gold) stock for a limited time only. (Click here).

Also, we’ve gotten a new stockist! 😀 I’ve worked with ClubCouture before as they used to sponsor me clothing, and I’m real happy that we’re continuing to deepen our relationship. Check out our products on their new arrivals and also a whole bunch of other dresses from around the world. I’m quite a fan! (Click here).

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 10.54.58 AM copia

Credit: ClubCouture


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