So Feeling the Love!

OMG thank you guys! ❤ We’ve never had so much pre-sales for a single style (or two) from Instagram and this blog! Makes me real glad to know that I have readers left, and that The Scarlette still remains relevant to some 🙂 Thank you, so feeling the love! ❤

Anyway, here’s a little something to share: my very own referral page for Naiise! (Click here)

Naiise is run by my boyfriend D who singlehandedly runs an amazing show, getting local designers onboard for Naiise which aims to become a mega design resource for Singaporeans. That is why we’re forever scouring flea markets, fairs and art exhibits, and attending product launches; because we love meeting all these great minds behind great design. Whether it’s kitchenware, or home wear, or clothing, or bicycles – design becomes all the more relevant  in a day and age where we all want to own something thoughtfully created.

One of my favorite things about Naiise is that it doesn’t undercut suppliers’ margins, or force them to discount deeply. This helps both the designers and customers enjoy an open, and free, market, where design is made accessible to all. So spread the message, and enjoy!


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