Sunday’s Shenanigans over Coffee

I went to Chye Seng Huat Hardware today, thus sealing my 6-month attempt at trawling the city’s caffe(-ine) circuit. Am I the only one that finds it odd that cafes today seem to offer the same ubiqutous tossed-and-saved furniture and pick-up-your-own-coffee, -iced water, -sugar, -etc concept? Loysel’s Toys and CHS. Tiong Bahru Bakery.

Which marks a departure from a few months ago when cafes all seemed to share that same ‘vintage’ vibe, courtesy of a token radio/gramophone relic stashed away in a corner. Five and Dime, Forty Hands, and that other cafe in Tiong Bahru whose name I can’t quite remember.

Which marks a departure from that full-on-teak or aluminum era where (relatively) larger brunch places, complete with high ceilings and contemporary decor, ruled the roost – think Hatched and Jones the Grocer..

I guess the scene is very trendy, and cafe owners are making their own rounds too – not that I’m complaining; it keeps the Instagrams coming and the food/latte art reviewers happy! For me, it gives me a reason to go out and be cool.

My favorite brunch places remain those in HK – Classified for a good ol’ simple scrambled eggs on rye, and Oolaa for a great eggs benedict and an awesome weekend ambience to boot.

Today came with an agenda – we were supposed to shoot three new arrivals for The Scarlette. But as it turns out, I had the DSLR set to ISO 1600 and my white balance was all off kilter. As if it is not bad enough that I felt so silly posing for the camera aged 28, kept imagining everyone laughing behind our backs – “Aiyo, so old already still do blog shop!”

SO, bad pictures + self-conscious posing = the pictures came out completely crap, thus rendering the whole morning an exercise in  futility. 😦 Here’s what I grabbed from my phone anyway. The dresses (in mint, lemon and black) are  gorg, so buzz me if you want first dips. Will be a while before they go online because we obviously have to re-shoot!









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