The first post of April

Kira loves coming into our room in the mornings, snuggling up like the girlfriend of D she wants to be. Last night was the first in a long time that he hasn’t stayed over, so we’re both feeling a little lost and up at 9am wondering why the world feels so different this morning.

I exaggerate 😉

It could also be due to the strange colored sky this morning from the rain.

It’s nice to be up early because I get to romp around the net and find new ideas. I LOVE MY JOB. Apart from the stress of hitting daily numbers and monthly targets, it’s really fun, and challenging to continuously come up with great, new campaigns that get people purchasing, and repurchasing.

Marketing IS indeed a very difficult job; a far cry from the desolate figure I used to input into financial models as “sales and marketing expenses” – often a simplistic % of total sales ratio.

But I love it – its challenges and rewards – and above all, the startup culture, because it is open, flat, we are constantly forging our own baseline. We’re grown it into a place where ideas from anyone are welcomed, tried, tested and reiterated to perfection. Because not trying is not knowing, and that’s the greatest loss of all.

Anyways – I’ve got to run, have a great weekend all!

P.S. Brought Kira to Tanjong Beach last weekend to teach her how to swim – first time ever! And it was hilarious, the way she tried to ‘hop’ over the swash as it came in. Follow me on Insta for more instantaneous feeds – @amandinaxx


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