Weekends Ought to be Hot

What a scorching two days and I’m off to the zoo in a few hours! Gonna try and see if the pandas are available for public viewing yet, although I doubt so because if they were, they’d be all over Facebook and Instagram.

Every weekend needs a mini adventures, be it outside of Singapore, or within. Every weekend deserves a little sunshine and perspiration. Or I’d feel that I had wasted the entire weekend, parched in an A/C environment. Last week I went Pulau Ubin to cycle, with D. It was super cool, and we got to walk on boardwalks at Chek Jawa, and marvel at those freaky mangrove airborne roots. Also chanced upon this amazing quarry, straight out of Lost. It was quite a different experience from OBS Pulau Ubin a decade ago (and more) 😉

I’d love to post pictures, but am much to lazy to do the phone->PC migration so everything visual about my life goes straight to Instagram.

Am in a pretty good mood because today’s sales are healthy, which means all the hard work we put in this week for our weekend strategy is yielding results. Had a tough start, battling the worst of March retail blues. Banzai weekend! 😀

In other news, it’s really interesting to see the purchasing behavior of people on weekdays, and on weekends, across regions. Singapore must be the only country in the region that actually works its ass off from Mon-Fri and relax by staying at home to shop online on Sat-Sun. Quite the converse in other countries, where I suspect most people are dallying in front of their work stations, shopping online. Haha!

Have a great one guys!

P.S. Need some massive, massive theme revamp this blog. 😦


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