Happy 2013

Good morning friends.


If you’re still reading this, I’m amazed, and honored 🙂

I’ve gone a full circle, literally – padding my way through tumblr, dot.com, and now back to WordPress, where most of my writing and all those good years so long ago began. It’s good to be back.

It’s also nice to not have to manually type in my date and title (as I did for my old dot.com with did not support blog interface). Technology is king.

In five points, let me bring you up to speed with my life, I’m not even sure where I left off..

1. Career whirlwind – in a span of six months, I’ve done a whole ton of different things including writing macros, critiquing websites, reviving sales, manually taking attendance and installing pirated version of photoshop.. and now, I’m heading up marketing in SG. I’ve nervous but so excited! Lesson: hierarchy and structure is dead, be in a place where you can learn, real quick, and grow. AND LOVE WHAT YOU DO!

2. New best friend – it’s was a slow burn, but a special someone was wriggled his way into my heart and somehow managing to displace my former, outlandish and dramatic ex. Brains and goodness is a real winner 🙂

3. More traveling – in the last six months, I’ve gone to Bali, Madrid/Barcelona/Paris, HK, Bali again. Where to next? Power off to the Philippines I’d say 🙂

4. More new businesses – yes, yes, yes. I am a hobbyist – other than selling dresses, I am now also making hair wreaths and posters and supporting my new BFF’s new business AND maintaining my own startup job. I know with certainty that I’m not ever going to become rich from these, but my mind and heart is rich from these projects 🙂

5. Harmonious home – Dad is happy, mom is happy, Kira is excellent and being/living at home again is great. When my brother/sister pop by home, it’s a riot, and no one’s happier than all of us, combined 🙂

In the meantime, let me shift the paltry number of posts I wrote on amandinaxx.com back here – I’m obsessed with the idea of repository 🙂

P.S. A blog is far more important than we realize – as I age, and memories fade (or entirely disappear), I find my returning to my old blogs to re-capture memories, to see what naughty things I got up to in my younger days 😉


5 thoughts on “Happy 2013

  1. amandina says:

    thank you darlings! a bit busy these days but i think i’m happy enough with this template to keep blogging – haha!

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