What a Race Down Memory Lane

Ciao my friends, happy Monday! How was your day? Mine was resplendently busy, just the way I love it. I love it that people are coming up to me (like I matter) and having meetings and discussions (like my thoughts and opinions matter). I love having project deadlines and working with developers and project managers to ‘get things going’ and ‘launch this shit’. I love seeing things happen and being part of it.

In short: absolutely no regrets. I am in my element! I love to talk and create, and all day I am talking and creating.. with time left to hang out with friends on weekends and spend time with Kira after work, and work on my own projects, and dream up new projects.

I’ve been racing down memory lane on my ex- ex- blog, trying to figure out what happened between me & D. For some reason, we started hanging out again after something like 8 years, due to a really strange re- re- re- re- re-alignment of stars after I came back. I must have cancelled on him like 5x that day (blame my fickle mind) but eventually we managed to meet & just kept on meeting, I guess. Except that I forgot how apparently close we were, and why we stopped talking.

Blogs are amazing, they’re even better than photo albums. Just from scrolling back 2-3 months of archived posts, I’ve memories flooding back: going to London on a secret trip no one knew about (I had 5 pounds in my pocket); late night swimming in Sentosa; the first strains of dissatisfaction with ZH, the dreaded final year examinations in Year 1; riding around with Lynn and talking late into the night over teh halia; my grandpa getting his first major stroke..

It was somewhat surreal to revisit and read between the lines of my 19 year old self writing, trying to decipher what I was censoring out and half-appalled at other things I failed to censor out. But I think I loved the 19 year old me without much regrets. She was kind of a handful but definitely interesting.

Here’s to everyone that has managed to stay with me all these days xxx

Promise to post some new pics soon 🙂


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