Hello! – It’s October!

To my dearest readers..

First of all.. my apologies!! I’ve left this space empty for far too long, and I probably wouldn’t have had the impetus to come back if it weren’t for some loyal readers who dropped me emails to find out if I was still alive, and my darling sister who wailed and asked why I stopped blogging. Ostensibly the baby sister must be bored in France.

The last time I wrote, I was still in limbo, en route home from HK to SG, with a dog in tow and 50kg of luggage on the plane and another 100kg floating in the South China Sea. In case you are wondering, my 100kg is still somewhere in the SCS, it’s not funny – ALL my Burberrys and Max Maras are in that 100kg. Surface shipping sucks.

But life has been amazing since I moved back, absolutely amazing: full of new experiences and discoveries, strengthening friendships and building new networks, exciting projects to embark on and fresh adventures. I am not regretting leaving HK at all; all I think about these days is how good the air here smells, how wonderful it is to be able to sit at a cafe on Friday and smoke cigarettes all night long, how happy Kira is in her new home with a new (real) daddy and mommy. After being away for a while, I can finally say this: being back home is great!

What I’ve been doing: partying hard, meeting an architect, meeting a pilot, coffee dates, going sailing, contemplating going on a 5-day regatta to Neptune Island in Feb, selling anti-hangover drinks on F1 Qualifying Day, going to F1 as a real guest on Race Day, rekindling sparks with an old, dear friend with a gorgeous husky, brainstorming business ideas, falling in like, falling out of like, brunches with girlfriends, website trouble-shooting, learning programming, learning marketing, learning consultant-speak, staycation at the Ritz, lots of Fri night coffee dates, vintage furniture store openings, restaurant openings, almost breaking up with S, somewhat salvaging it, planning a trip to BJ.

And how about work? I admit the first few weeks were really tough and disorienting as I struggled to fit into a world so different from that sterile, well-defined environment I’ve grown so used to. But as I learned to let go and embrace the new, everything came easily. Want me to design an implementation roadmap? Sure! Want me to learn programming? Sure! Nothing is too hard to learn, or to attempt.And if you screw up, screw up! But screw up grateful that you had the opportunity to try. I’ve never learned so much in a month, nor experienced so much freedom in thought and expression. Here, I could be anything I want to be.. or grasp any skill that I fancy. Limitless, boundless – that’s a whole new beautiful concept I never knew existed in the workplace.

You know what? I can feel myself returning, my ideas, my passion and my energy.. and I’m too busy trying to do/learn everything that I hardly have time to sit down and blog. I’ve finally fallen back in love with life, but this time I’m  tugging the cobwebs off this blog and taking you on the ride too 🙂 Welcome me back to my blog!

Have a read: a nice link my best friend sent to me today 🙂

PS. I need a new template.. this serif font is getting to me! I’ve gotten so font-sensitive after my dad’s creative guy criticized The Scarlette’s brand name font and I subsequently spent 2 hours studying the finer points of fonts with my friend, and another 5 hours playing with fonts on my computer. It was painful..


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