Massive life change

Hello world.

My apologies for completely disappearing! It’s been a crazy two weeks: parting with HK, suspending utilities and lines, last-minute packing, adept configuration to avoid excess baggage charges, spending time with S while he was in HK in my last few days, flying back to SG, flying to Colombo, meeting our driver and new friend Kosala, road tripping through Sri Lanka for days on end (amongst which: trying to spot whales, driving through villages, wild elephants, lots of Unesco sites, raw unadulterated beach, tea plantations and most at 2,000m above sea level, hippy living, our 2nd Aman experience..), flying back to SG, picking Kira up from SATS cargo terminal, struggling to get her used to home and getting papa used to Kira, trying to protect my family couch from Kira, buying cages, finding out that we don’t need them, starting work, commuting from Four Seasons to home to work to home to Four Seasons to airport, learning lots of stuff on online marketing and e-Commerce operations..

Mamma mia.

Pardon me now while I try to populate my freaking website and explore with my FB fan page.


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