Korean rising

Please join me in celebrating the sale of my washing machine! To a nice young Korean chap who allowed who Kira to sniff his entire nether region from ass to crotch.

And tomorrow the movers are coming to take away my bed frame, coffee table, bedside table and shelving unit for another Korean guy. What can I say, that there is a mass influx of Korean people into HK?

Or maybe I have a growing affinity with them. One of my models was supposed to be this Korean chick but she stood me up at 11pm, saying her personal hair and makeup artist couldn’t make it? I was like, what? Excuse me, I am paying you to look however I want you to look and even if I wanted you to come looking like you rolled out of bed, you do it! And that was on top of multiple reassurances over the course of the previous two weeks that I will DI her into perfection. Seriously!

Thank God for normal, sane people who are beautiful without DI and personal stylists. At midnight I FBed E, my roommate from Formula Una Shanghai, and she replied that even though she was out partying, sure she can make it at Tuas by 8am! At 4am she Whatsapped me a picture of her shoes collection and asked which ones I would like her to bring. Promptly at 8am, she was the first to reach Tuas while I was still rolling on the AYE with my dad, trying to drive slowly so that his cup of Kopi does not spill. And when I saw her, she looked like she got 24 hours of sleep the night before. Wonder Girl. And such a breeze to work with! No diva bullcrap. And she’s so pretty and cute, she’s going to my permanent model from now on. 😀

I know I’ve been ‘working’ on The Scarlette for like an eternity (to no fruition), until it has become the butt of many jokes (I hate you Sheabutter), but I solemnly swear on my dog that I will seriously, seriously work on it from now on! I have to, and more importantly I finally really, really want to! When there is a will.. hmm, try not to change it too much.

Today, my soon-to-be-ex company let go of a couple of sales people and some junior research folks. I’m pretty sure that if I hadn’t resigned, I’d be one of them too since they gave me a puny market-cap stock to cover and everyone knows those are the first to go. I Whatsapped the news to my favorite headhunter because we have a good mutual thing going on. This Friday we’re meeting for coffee because you never know when you might need a foot back in. Headhunter also tried to get me on a doggy date to Bowen Road but after hearing about the serial dog poisoner (who never got caught for 20+ years), I politely declined.

I confess today I had a mini OMG moment of preemptive regret: What if leaving finance was the stupidest decision in the world? How can I leave HK, the most happening city in the world where decadence is normal and materialism a way of life? I started imagining everyone pitying me behind my back, privately thinking what a loser, a quitter I am.

Then I got the news about the layoffs and the anxiety reversed itself back into a sense of well-being.


One thought on “Korean rising

  1. I am going to live in austerity, in the most happening city in the world where decadence is normal and materialism a way of life? FML O_oooo (welcome home, though!! *saranghae*). Sheabuttah

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