And next on the cards

And so it’s done! I talked to my boss, received her well-wishes (unexpectedly actually) and she joked that maybe one day I will head Tencent’s international e-Commerce unit. Next on the cards: I’m moving myself and Kira back to Singapore (logistical nightmare), joining a start-up, going on vacation with Sebs and reuniting with The Scarlette . Hello new life and prospects!! I’ve gone a full circle, but what a circle it has been! What was it that Jobs said? Keep looking. What was it that my dad said? “My children lead their lives with passion: Nat with cakes, Nick with architecture and design, and you with writing.” Well, so maybe I am not going to become a writer, exactly..

My family is, without a doubt, the greatest source of support and confidence for me; not once have they ever tried to stop me from doing something, nor trapped me in tunnel view of what success is. But they’re always there, quietly letting their children know that if they lead their lives with joy, passion and enthusiasm, fulfillment and satisfaction will follow, naturally; quietly imbibing them with a bigger sense of destiny and self. I love you dad and mom! And of course friends and readers who’ve encouraged me all these years.

I am also really glad that my resignation was tendered on good terms: my boss told me that she was happy that I was leaving for a good reason, and that the new job suited me more because I was more creative and outgoing, and that the startup in emerging markets could make more sense for me than staying in finance. Maybe she just wanted to get rid of me, but in any case, I appreciated it and am happy that no bridges were burnt.

All in all, a good day I suppose. Although it ended with me tottering down a hill in Saiyingpun on heels with a large dog at the end of the leash. Took Kira for her rabies blood test, for the pet import license for Singapore. And for all those who care to know, no quarantine for dogs from HK to Singapore! Hurray for our dear Kira.. I can’t wait for my family to meet her and Cheryl’s Bubbles too!


5 thoughts on “And next on the cards

  1. Jessica says:

    hi amanda

    been reading your blog and am glad you are coming back and working in a start-up!

    i left my job last year to start my start-up haha and the journey is full of ups and downs. can pendulum from ecstasy to depression all in a day.

    have fun and enjoy! 🙂

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