To a great August ahead!

Hello world, it’s been a while! I’ve been busy with lots of things – scheduling a mega photo-shoot in SG in mid-Aug, undertaking a masssive logistical nightmare (more about later), trying to decide between Sri Lanka and Koh Samui for summer, and basically turning my life inside out. The sheer magnitude of what I’mgoing to embark on is.. freaking me out, slightly. Due to lack of time off, we had to scrap South Africa, sadly. J, I’ll visit your city another time! Kind of in a grumpy mood now, having just fought with S over something really silly – like not having my phone turned on at max volume specifically during times when he needs to reach me. Although, we cleared it up, sort of, fighting always leaves a sour aftertaste. So I’m sore, physically battered by a session of wake-boarding yesterday (really beautiful day), mentally weary from all that lies ahead of me for the month of Aug, and still sulking over our tiny fallout. But as you know what they say – tomorrow is always a better day, and that’s the way I live, always looking forward to the next. Life is too short to dwell! To a great August ahead for everybody xx





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