Watch A Barefoot Dream!

Back in HK with my beloved Kira.. she’s making friends with the turtle right now, peace in the house 🙂

SG was great. I had a mini flashback moment when I touched down Friday evening with no plans for the night. Ate some home cooked food, slapped on one of mom’s green bean masks, hung out a little with her, then started feeling all bored again – you know, the type of restless bored that made me up and leave for HK.

I described this odd feeling to my friends the next day and a wise one pointed out: so what’s the difference between having nothing to do on a Friday night in SG and HK? I replied, Kira! And there I have it: my problem wasn’t the city, it was the lack of pet! D’oh, what an expensive way to realize something so simple. A bit like my grand quest for a photographer “so I can take non-fuzzy shots”, to which Deb’s husband helpfully pointed out that maybe I should use a tripod. Another Eureka moment! I am so thoughtless sometimes…

So I spent Friday night watching Kim Tak Gu (the Korean baking show) instead and resting ahead of what would be a glorious day of meet ups with friends and family dear to me. V pointed out it’s ironic that when you’re away, people make more effort to catch up with you when you’re back. Whereas if you were always in SG, you could go for months without meeting up. Quite true, but I don’t like to be cynical about human nature. I’m just grateful for friends that never forget me and always make me feel welcome back.

Has anyone noticed how much grass there is in SG? I was almost bug-eyed with astonishment, such is the scarcity of grass here. Kira is almost wary of grass because we can’t even find a decently-sized grass patch in my neighborhood for her to get acquainted with. Checked AVA’s website – from HK to SG, there’s no need for dogs to be quarantined! Best news ever for my imminent life plotting.

My dear readers, I’m sorry if I confuse you with my seemingly directionless life. Don’t worry, it may seem directionless at best, confused and convoluted at worst, but I think I know what I’m working towards, we think we know – me, S, and hopefully you too. 🙂

PS Watched three films to/fro SG/HK. 1) The Exotic Marigold Hotel; 2) Salmon Fishing in the Yemen; and 3) A Barefoot Dream. If I could, I would tweak the order 3-1-2, because I didn’t manage to catch the last part of A Barefoot Dream which is a 2010 Korean movie about an ex-footballer who went to East Timor and coached a young team of children. Really nice, had me in tears and the uncle sitting me in great concern.


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