Thursday: lisp and slurp

This blog is dying a natural death. There are just so many other distractions: The Scarlette, real work, new adventures, travel planning, Facebook, Instagram.. amongst which Facebook and Instagram offers the most instantaneous gratification because people like things. No one likes my posts so.. it’s the opposite of gratification.

Woke up today to yet another Muddy Waters report issued overnight. To Tara, that’s why I said research is dead. No one bothers researching anymore, every piece of ‘research’ is biased, flawed and subjective. I could tell you a million chilling tales of how sell-side ‘researchers’ operate.. not very ‘research-ly’ I would say. I took it down from Facebook because my ex-colleague from India got sensitive that I was referring to entire research units being sold/disposed of. Not like it is too far from the truth..

Got my molar extracted today because I didn’t take care of my root canal tooth and suddenly it broke off on Wednesday, leaving a small jagged piece sticking out and creating the world’s biggest, and most painful, ulcer on my tongue. I was literally lisping for two whole days, and funny how you meet so many people on the two days that you are lisping, out of a possible 365 days a year. I met the cute Bloomberg guy!!? Bish. So anyhow I got it surgically removed this morning and am now in severe pain. I can’t even eat the skin of a grape – too hard, got to slurp up the insides instead. I’m referring to the big, fat grapes with thick skin that you call ti zi in Chinese.

So that was my day. Tomorrow I’m going back to SG. Hurray!

PS Kira knocked over my brand new bottle of D Squared perfume. Thank God I have another one because S bought me a bottle, the exact same one, and I was hiding my original bottle in my wardrobe to preserve the sanctity of his gift-giving experience. Did I mention that I love him very much? Here’s my new favorite picture of us..


7 thoughts on “Thursday: lisp and slurp

  1. j says:

    great picture, its like your bodies are in sync.

    and from your previous posts, you thinking of SA for game farms?
    i’d suggest stick to the kruger vicinity, they tend to have the better game farms.
    though the western cape is by far prettier, esp along the garden route.
    and if you end up in cape town, can definitely give you a few tips of where to go! 🙂

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