Love has a way of finding us back..

Today I had a dinner with a girlfriend whose boyfriend wanted to break up with her this morning. She had postponed her flight back in order to surprise him tonight, but found a girl at his place instead.

I’ve been so caught up in my blissful moments over the past half a year that I’ve almost forgotten how wrenching love can be. Yet it wasn’t too long ago that I was fighting with S all the time, feeling like I could never get a word in, feeling like I embodied all the worst traits in mankind, while he was almost Godlike. I think the word is unfair, love sometimes feels so damn unfair sometimes despite all our best intentions.

My words of advice to her this evening is something I truly believe in: painful as it is to retrace one’s steps, do not be afraid to be objective, do not be afraid to consider the possibility that a man may not be worth your time. Out of a handful of men whom you will date in your lifetime, only one or two are truly worth it. Don’t be afraid to move on, and cut your losses. Because if he’s the passionate, determined man you love him for, he’ll be back. If he loves you enough, he’ll be back. And when he’s back, it will always, always be better. There are no real regrets in love, unless you deliberately chose to ignore your heart.

I sign off this post with a small smile on my lips, recalling my last phone call with S just ten minutes ago. He was rushing to the travel agency to enquire about our next trip.. ❤


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