good weekend!

Oh it has been one really glorious weekend. Saturday dawned with thunderstorms and turgid rainclouds but that soon cleared, bringing blue skies back to HK, enough to last the entire weekend. I now know why people talk so much about the weather: not for small talk, but because it is so intimately linked to our moods.

Saturday dinner turned out unexpectedly fun as I hosted four girlfriends who didn’t know each other, were completely different from each other, but somehow everything clicked and we had raucous good fun at Yardbird, well lubricated with sake. I believe at one point, we might have been cougaring a waiter, born in the 90s is our guess, but all in good fun.  I love big medley dinners.. they are not only efficient (you get to meet everyone at the same time), but they are really, really fun. To everyone at dinner: thank you for being the highlight of my week!!

I wish they would build phones with better cameras.

Spent the rest of my weekend tanning myself while running errands, dreaming of the great unknown and researching game reserves in South Africa. I feel alive, and full of dreams, energy and vitality! Am so full now from edamame; I guess you could say I’m on a pellet diet – edamame and grapes…


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