A very, very good trip. :)

This is the part I hate most: sitting on the airport express, alone, heading home without him. This usually comes right after part, and after we talk about the next time we’re going to meet and how (hopefully) by the end of 201x, we will be living in the same city. Let’s just say I look forward to September and maybee end July. Did anyone warn me long distance relationships were expensive? I think so, maybe, haha.

Our Indonesia trip was amazing, all thanks to the incredible people and a country so rich in culture and full of beautiful architecture and scenery. In one trip, we encountered both Hindu and Buddhist temples; Muslim prayers at 430am in the morning and Hindu offerings on the floor; swank beach clubs and resorts; rice fields, volcanoes, cliffs and broad stretches of beach. It was a real discovery for us to experience so much, and be blown away by warm service everywhere we went. Indonesia makes Thailand (“The Land of Smiles”) seem like a joke. If you think about it, apart from Bali (and I guess Batam), the rest of Indonesia is relatively un-touristy, and I can’t decide if it’s a pity that more people haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy it, or to be thankful that it has left Indonesia well-preserved in culture, tradition and real warmth. We already thought Bali was amazing, despite the mass tourism – imagine when we got to Jogjakarta (significantly less touristy) and received even warmer Javanese hospitality – beyond anything I have ever experienced. Even an airport marshal guiding us to the aircraft will speak convivially with us, and respond with a “my pleasure” when thanked. Simply amazing.

Our two hotels were good too – in Bali, we stayed in Alila Uluwatu which is picture perfect with their signature cabanas and very, very well-trained staff. A tad too many Chinese tourists running around and looking for photo ops in my opinion, but that’s acceptable I guess. Scrambled eggs a little woozy which means they didn’t really pass my litmus scrambled eggs test. But overall, very good, although slightly uninspired in feeling, like a standard template for luxury hotels. I can transplant it to Phuket and it would feel exactly he same. In Borobudur, we stayed at Amanjiwo which was our first Aman experience and the hype is well, well-deserved. We were upgraded to the presidential suite which was really nice, and really enjoyed unique touches like having a set of paintbrushes and watercolors to paint the scenery, and the resort is very involved in local community – we had a tobacco plantation (now in season) right in front of our pool and they revenue-share with neighboring farmers. The scrambled eggs were possibly the best I’ve ever had (super passed the test) and I felt amazing – artistic (I painted and tried pottery); enlightened (we had a crash course in Buddhism) and extremely pampered (kneaded into blissful submission by a robust 40 year old woman) and coffee served to our private rotunda at 5am in the morning, before our dawn excursions.

A very, very good trip. 🙂


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